Saturday, October 24, 2009

Oh Lamar!!!

I know it has been a while but I'm back!!! My question of the day...year maybe is what happened to being famous for being a stellar athlete? It seems that in order to garner media attention you have to date or marry a "celebrity" (a la Lamar Odom). I'm not saying that you can't or should not seek love with a person who may be famous, it just seems a little fishy that the one person that you fall in love with and marry is a person that seeks media attention every chance they can get. I'm not even going to get into the fact that they only knew eachother for a little over a month, which is an err in itself. Now Lamar is on the covers of every gossip magazine, the talk of the blogs, and is in the process, i'm sure, of getting a reality show with his "wife". What I am happy about is him signing a pre-nup, smart move Lamar, smart move. I'm not going to give my expiration date for their marriage, but I am going to say that he better play some explosive basketball this year, but what do I know because I play my sports in stilettos!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Is Eli Manning Worth It?

I can not even be mad at Eli, he knows how to get what he wants. His 6 year 97.5 million dollar contract extension is amazing. That is a lot of pressure to be under. People are going to be discussing whether he is worth that amount of money for the next 6 years. What happens if he does not live up to the hype? At the end of that 6 years he better hope that he can play like he is worth it or else he is going to have to save face and retire because he may not get that good of a deal again. I sure hope he doesn't get hurt, or do anything crazy like his other teammates (Plaxico???)that would jeopardize his money. I suppose he got this kind of contract after his performance in Superbowl XL II win. I am actually happy for him he worked hard to get to where he is at, he lives in the shadow of his brother Peyton (one of my top 5 current QB's)yet he still maintains his own credibility. Kudos to him!! I think someother QB's are taking note and we may see some of them ask for their teams to add a little more steak to their contracts!! The Giants seem to think he is worth it, although I'm not so sure myself--but what do I know I play my sports in stilettos!!

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta

I was reading other blog sites discussing this weeks episode they stated that the women were being childish. I disagree with that. These ladies know what will make good TV---DRAMA, that is what they bring us on a weekly basis. I'm not sure if the drama is real, nor do I care, all I care about seeing is rich people acting a fool. That is what the Atlanta Housewives deliver, they are great at selling their season. The lies and the rumors that Kim --allegedly-- spread about the other women is crazy. She has taken things a bit too far. Talking about some one's husband or parenting skills is way out of line. Sheree, Nene, and Kim were quite a bit much fighting in that nice restaurant, cursing and carrying on, but hey it was good TV! I'm pretty sure that Bravo sent out a warning to the patrons and also the restaurant as to what would be going on. What I am upset about is the to be continued at the end of the episode, but I suppose that's what keeps people tuned in week to week. I do agree with Nene in an interview that she did where she stated that they are called ghetto only because they are black. That is true because the New Jersey housewives were as ghetto as ever. They also were yelling and cursing in a restaurant. Ghetto is a state of mind not a race. Here is the table flipping incident from New Jersey for all of you to review.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The T.O. Show

Reality shows can do one of two things, they can be completely fake and make the person look like an idiot (real chance of love), or they can show the public a side of someone that they didn't think existed. The T.O. show is giving me a better respect for T to the O. I always thought that he was just a big attention grabber, I now see that he is down to earth. Last night on the show when he went to visit his hometown, I felt his emotions, I was sad for him when he visited his grandmother and I felt the love that he has for her. When he went to visit his father, while I'm sure there was a lot of the convo edited out, I felt the pain of a man who wanted his father in his life. His fathers explanation for why he was not around for T to the O (I was working--really?)didn't satisfy me but that man is not my father so I don't have to deal with him. In this episode he also went to visit his high school, I found it very inspiring when he talked about how hard he had to work to get to where he is at. He was not the best in high school but he sacrificed and did what he had to do to be the awesome player that he is today. Many young people, and some adults could benefit from his pep talk. For the first time I can say that I wish T to the O lots of luck in his career with the Bills, deep down I may want him to come back to the Eagles--that is an entirely different conversation for another day after all what do I know I play my sports in stilettos!

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Friday, July 31, 2009

Lamar Odom's Back

It seems that D. Wade's trip to LA didn't sway Lamar Odom at all. He is very smart,I would be staying in the purple and yellow also if I was being offered a four-year deal worth up to $33 million if the Lakers exercise their option on the fourth season. Is he really worth all that money? He averaged 12 PPG in the playoffs, not too shabby for a forward. I think that the Heat could have used him a lot more, he is a force to be reckoned with in the forward position. Like I have stated before it's all about the Benjamin's, I doubt that the Heat were willing to offer him the amount of money that the Lakers are giving him. Good way to play hardball L.O., a lot of other players could learn from him. Know what you are worth and do not settle for any less. If you are worth it they will come around,but what do I know because I play my sports in stilettos.

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Holy Cat Fight!!

Using a phrase from Housewife of New York Bethenny Frankl, holy cat fight, that was a hilarious fight between Sheree and her "incompetent" party planner. I must say that since Sheree has gotten her divorce from former New York Giants offensive tackle, Bob "head- butt" Whitfield, she seems a bit more humbled. With that being said she brought out the hood in her when her party planner started to act crazy. This was the hi-lite of the whole show, which started off a little boring. This fight alone made me excited to see Sheree pull off Kim's wig (thank God) next week. Here is the video from yesterday. Watch and Enjoy!!

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Want to Be a Housewife!!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta begins season two tonight at 10 on Bravo. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!! Be ready for my critique of the show. For those of you who do not know what the show is about or who have never seen it (seriously?!?!?) here is what the Bravo website has to say about it:

Wait no longer, the highly anticipated second season of Bravo's hit series The Real Housewives of Atlanta returns Thursday, July 30 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. See what drama has been going down in the ATL when everyone's favorite southern gals return, including new housewife Kandi. Will old friendships be mended, or will new problems surface?

The series is an up-close and personal look at five fabulous women from Atlanta's social elite – from NFL wives and Grammy Award winners to sassy single moms – as they juggle their burgeoning careers and busy home lives with the whirl of the south's hottest city. Catch Kandi, Kim, Lisa, NeNe and Sheree as they balance motherhood, demanding careers and a fast-paced social calendar, and show what life is like in the most exclusive areas of Atlanta. These driven and ambitious women prove that they're not just "housewives," but entrepreneurs, doting mothers and feisty southern women. These ladies show the world what it takes to live large in some of the hottest zip codes in the south. The Real Housewives of Atlanta are: Kandi Burruss, Kim Zolciak, Lisa Wu Harwell, NeNe Leakes, and Sheree Whitfield.

I fully recommend watching so that you won't be left behind.

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